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Croxall Painting is here to help our neighbors find beauty in their home with our exterior painting services. 

If you just moved into a new house or your current house is starting to feel drab, you can transform your house and make it feel like home by freshening things up with paint!

We have helped hundreds of families in Chattanooga transform their homes with a new coat of paint.

Transform your home in three easy steps:
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About Croxall Painting Company

Founded in 2019 by Hayden, a school teacher at The Howard School in Chattanooga, Croxall Painting Company was created to provide long term careers for graduating students, while in turn providing clients with a unique, family-centered approach to the painting experience.

From the joy of painting homes for clients to the impact of granting scholarships to first-generation college students, Croxall Painting is committed to bettering the lives of families in the greater Chattanooga area.

What Your Neighbors are Saying
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Croxall did such a great job painting our house before we moved in! They were extremely professional and responsive, and provided me with excellent recommendations for color and paint finishes. Croxall truly specializes in providing extremely high quality service for competitive prices. They quickly provided us with a thorough consult and got us on the schedule for a large project within 2 weeks. They painted our entire house, including the closets and garage, and turned the project around in record time. I highly recommend them!!


Interior Painting Customer

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Hayden (and Will) are the kind of people you want running a business. They could always be reached in a timely manner. They were very helpful and hold their work to a high standard. The crews were always on time and respectful. In about two weeks time, Hayden was able to get the entire interior of the house painted and the hardwood floors refinished. Highly recommend Croxall Painting!


Interior Painting Customer

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Purchased a new home that needed wall repair and painting in a bedroom before moving in. Hayden’s group arrived on time and cleaned up completely when done. Since I still needed to get old home ready for market, Croxall was able to start the painting of the entire interior as soon as we were completely out. Every detail was professionally finished and no debris left behind. Any additional painting I need will be with Croxall Painting.

J Ulmer

Interior Painting Customer

Interior Painting Services

Door Painting: One quick way to update a home’s feel is through painting the interior doors! We will paint all of the interior doors in your home, intentionally creating a unique entrance to any room.

Interior Painting:
We can paint all of the interior walls, baseboards and molding. Updating a house with a fresh coat of paint is the easiest way to redesign the interior of your home.

Interior Molding Painting:
We can paint all of your ceiling molding and the baseboard molding to instantly update the feeling of the room.

Drywall Repair:
When painting a room, it is sometimes necessary to fix cracks in drywall. We are able to patch cracks in drywall, paint and make it look like it was never broken to begin with.

Drywall Taping:
We can also tape over the cracks in your drywall and ensure it is smoothed out. This will make a seamless surface to apply paint to.

New Construction Painting:
We are Chattanooga’s favorite painting contractor and can come in and completely paint your new construction home. Whether you’re about to list it or you’re a new homeowner, we can make sure that new construction home is painted to your specifications.

Remodel Painting:
Similarly with a remodeling project, we can come through and paint the entire interior of your home quickly and efficiently. It will prepare it to go on the market or for your family to come home to a fresh and clean space.

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